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Bio-sketch of Richard T. McEvoy, Jr.
President, Forensic Imaging, Inc.

After several years as a serious hobbyist, Richard began his formal photographic career in 1961 as a U.S. Navy photographer in Southeast Asia.  Upon discharge from the Navy, Dick stayed in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia in various capacities which included photo-journalism, aerial cartography, and industrial photography.

Returning to the United States in 1971, he worked in commercial photography and aerial, again, before getting involved in Law Enforcement photography with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).  Working with the bureau for over 6 years, Dick was in charge of their forensic photography lab for two years before joining Kodak in May of 1982.  Also, while with GBI, he was certified by the state as an instructor and began teaching courses in various phases of law enforcement photography in Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

During his career, in addition to various Kodak courses, Dick attended the FBI crime lab photographic course, Winona School Law Enforcement photography course, and McCrone Institute course on photo-micrography.  Dick is, also, a member of many forensic organizations.  Some of these are  the International Association of Identification, The International Association of Arson Investigators and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  In 1990, he received the Hakanson Award from the Evidence Photographers International Council for contributions to forensic photography.  Also, Nikon, Inc. presented him with the Evidence Photographer of the year award in 2002.  He, also, has served on the International Association for Identification's Photography and Electronic Imaging sub-committee as both member and chairman at various times.  Currently, he is on the sub-committee's certification board.  He is one of the original IAI Certified Forensic Photographers, being certified in 2001 with certification #008.

As a result of an August, 1994 restructuring at Kodak, Dick's position and function of forensic imaging training were eliminated. He, therefore, formed the company "Forensic Imaging, Inc." and is president of the company.  During his career with Kodak he trained over 10,000 law enforcement officers nationally and internationally.  Forensic Imaging, Inc. continues this training career and is dedicated to providing quality and excellence in training and consulting in both traditional and digital imaging.

Steve Jones, Order Coordinator Elite
Office Phone:  (417) 443-0020
Cell: (703) 980-4121

Dick McEvoy, Order Coordinator Classic
Office Phone: (585) 924-9410
Fax all models:  (585) 924-8854