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The QuadrapodTM Family

The QuadrapodTM Copy Stand family of camera stands are sold exclusively by Forensic Imaging, Inc., under license from the patent holder. We feel these stands are superior to any others, when used for close-up and measurement purposes (on scene, or in the lab). The stands are very portable due to being both light weight and easily assembled (or disassembled). By being four legged, they are much more stable than a traditional tripod.  This is true, especially, when used for close-in photography.  Additionally, by having four legs, it allows for 4 directions of light between them without getting interfering shadows from the legs in the image.

Some of the QuadrapodTM Copy Stand family applications are in:


  •  Document imaging
  •  Fingerprint imaging
  •  Footwear and tire-track imaging
  •  Body fluid pattern imaging
  •  General close-up imaging
  •  Mortuary imaging
  •  Mass disaster and mass grave imaging
  •  Archeological imaging
  •  Identification imaging
Quadrapod & Quadra-pod Elite Are Better Than Tripods In These Ways: Steady Stabilizer Camera Stand Platform Forensic Imaging Consult Crime Close-up Macro Scene Fingerprint Tire-track Foot-wear Blood Body-fluid Pattern Document Photography Photographic Digital Measurement Archeology Arson Investigation ID CSI Identification Mug-shot Mugshot Infrared Ultraviolet

Steve Jones, Order Coordinator Elite
Office Phone:  (417) 443-0020
Cell: (703) 980-4121

Dick McEvoy, Order Coordinator Classic
Office Phone: (585) 924-9410
Fax all models:  (585) 924-8854